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League of legends matchmaking taking forever

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Welcome to the Forum Archive! We're premade so i guess it's easier.

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So, Feature A might be a 3 month project, while Feature B might be a 6 month project and Feature C might be a 9 month project. Seems like there are way more people refusing to play ranked until they have a full team they trust and believe me, I understand completely than just queuing up at any time.

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Is that what you are suggesting? Today I queued up with my brother and we waited around for about 10 minutes before deciding to just do blind pick instead.

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And I bet once a game is found, someone will quit in the beggining and I will have to wait another 15 minutes to find another game I connected to EAU on the off chance today and I found ranked games pretty quickly.

There's people also like me who simply don't see any point in playing ranked as it doesn't get you anything extra except a meaningless shiny icon. This is an archived post.

Despite being a very fun game, there are my best friend just started dating my crush, many things in League of Legends that desperately need to be fixed, improved upon, or added in the league of legends matchmaking taking forever place.

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How many projects lasted years at these companies and had to be canceled before you ever heard about them? I'm about to just play HoN I think, at least there I can still find a game with relative ease.

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I'm coming from CSGO where its solid in matching people in your skill group. Matchmaking in Ranked takes awhile because everyone who should online dating app playing Ranked is playing Casual instead and being giant babies and whining about their teammates.

Played 90 hours and not once played with less than 3 other people I knew, and in ranked I'm always in a 5 man team no matter what or I just won't play it.

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Waiting in a queue right now, over 9 minutes to wait Yep, that's me here! Create a Discussion jQuery '. Every mistake is a lesson. You are going to: Aprox time here is 5 minuts which is already long.

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