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Marriage not dating app

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Many young Iranians, especially women no longer consider setting up a family as their priority. It may be the closest thing to Tinder in Iran but young people in the West would find the restrictions suffocating.

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Since some young Iranians use these websites for dating and not necessarily marrying, the state regularly closes the sites. What we have done is to connect these matchmakers or mediators as we call them into a network and place a databank of young people seeking to marry and who have registered on our website at their disposal.

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Iranian women like Abbasi have done marriage not dating app more than their previous generation; there are nearly twice as many female students as males in Iranian universities and colleges, and the presence of women in the workforce has also greatly increased in the last two decades despite resistance from traditional sectors online dating maryland society.

Until some years ago many marriages in Iran were arranged between families with the help of matchmakers. But being single after the age of 30 is still stigmatized by most of the society. Issues such as unemployment, economic means and housing have all contributed to this. Online matchmaking has expanded swiftly in recent years with an estimated unofficial websites active at present.

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Poverty or being unable to find the right partner are only part of the reason why marriage rates have dropped. Iran has launched its first official matchmaking website to try to encourage more young people to marry.

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Nearly half of all Iranians from 18 to 35 are unmarried, around 11 million people but the Tebyan Cultural and Information Center, a government affiliated organisation has launched a website, to combat the rising trend among Iranian youth to marry later or even dating s&w model 10 marriage completely.

At Tebyan, they have come up with a solution to prevent what they call sexual relations out of wedlock.

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