Dating male nurse 5 Things You Should Know Before You Date A Nurse

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Medical students and physicians who wish to advise them. Can we I help it?

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Still looking for an answer? The women who I associate in class with are just my friends, and just that.

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Oct 31, '12 by canadiandude. I can't say I have seen any serious female MD and nurse relationships other than casual.

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Oct 31, '12 by seriouslyserious. What pros and cons have you seen as a man dating in nursing dating someone with low emotional intelligence or nursing?

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Oh, and how could I forget about the different syrups we have to make flavored coffee? I really envy their wives.

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Also close this question. You hired a black guy because he had a juvenile record. Since nursing is a predominantly female profession this is bound to happen. January 19, at It sucks that sometimes we won't see each other all week, but we are secure in our relationship and can go out on datings male nurse with other people.

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Like many others have said, nursing does help men be more comfortable around women. Guys usually end up in more intense nursing situations anyway like ER or ICU because of their personality Also, I have noticed the nursing uniform looks very sexy on guys. After she Foreman tells her why House says he hired him, she asks House why he hired her: Unfortunatley, nursing is still seen by many as a low status job and therfore it lack the prestige of being a doctor.

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Residents are functioning physicians with some oversight.