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From January to October the date code letter was put before the serial number. With my playing career over, all I need is a nice little amp to noodle around with and this one more than does the trick.

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I actually play different with a solid state amp. Chassis construction transitions from aluminum to steel in late Letters B, I, O and Q were not used to avoid confusing letters with numbers.

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For a while, in my "man cave", I actually did use it as a end table. Originally Posted by Hardrock I have a crate watt combo amp 1x12 which sounds great on tape, but when you try to put it in a room with a band, the drums actually beat the shit out of the amp, even if it is on 10, and you really cannot hear anything.

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The serial number omaha online dating sites a Marshall amp is usually located on the back panel of the chassis but some amplifiers made between and had the number on the front panel. Single 50W Drake output transformers rated at 3, ohms, part numberfor 50W models.

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The charts below will explain how to read the serial numbers and decode the model numbers. I was wondering, by reading the serial number could tell someone here when it was amd and if it was made in England.

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Just wish I knew more of the history of them. V Thanks for the help I think I traded it in on something. The time now is Love the chuncky sound out of it.

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Only 10 watts, so can't try it with a band, lol. I used to have a little mosfet Marshall head back in 91ish that sounded fucking amazing. My first "real" amp I ever bought.

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Amplifiers from this era must be dated within this time span based on their features, or component manufacturers and codes, including speakers, potentiometers and transformers. The model number takes the form of four-digits preceded or followed by letter codes describing amplifiers characteristics.

Both were great amps that I wish I still had.

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Sentiment won't let me get rid of it This number is found under the bar code. It had two gain knobs. Sounds great by itself.