Can i hook up two lights to one switch How to Wire Two Lights on One Switch

Can i hook up two lights to one switch, the basics of household wiring dvd

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If there is more than one black wire connected to the switch, follow the instructions in step three. Draw a diagram, trying to make the lines as straight as possible for easier installation.

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How do you protect the cable from physical damage? The lights are set up as follows: What are the Most Disliked Programming Languages? The ground wire should also be connected together in this manner, but to the ground terminal on the switch. How many lights can be wired to one switch?

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If it helps anybody visualize better, think of the grey rectangle being cut vertically to represent each box, the wires running across each cut representing a single cable. Connect the wires onto the switch. Hello, and welcome to Stack Exchange.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? I rewired them to parallel and the problem was fixed.

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Two Lights Operated off One Switch. Step 10 At the last light fixture, take the outgoing wire and lead it down to the light switch junction box.

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Can 8 For each light fixture, take all the same color one together in one bunch. I hope this helps!! Repeat the same for each set of wire colors: Something like this is what you're looking for the end result to be: Connect the black wire from the power supply to the switch and the white wire from the power supply to the white wire of the cable connected to the horoscope dating advice light.

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Terry Peterman, the Internet Electrician. Fill out our minute quick and easy form, and receive a free price quote on a house addition from one of our prescreened and licensed home addition contractors. Step 4 Connect all bare or green wires together and to the boxes if they are metal. Wrap a hook of black electrical tape around each end of this white wire to indicate that it is a hot wire rather than a neutral wire. Here's dating site for heavy drinkers two works: There is only One switch for the outside Garage lights and BOTH wires on the 15a v switch are Black which is unlike the diagram on this page.

Once the electrical boxes and light fixtures have been wired up, fasten them into their respective electrical boxes and attach the switch cover plate to the electrical switch box. Is it switch to install the timer and if so how should I go about it. You connect the 2 white wires together, and then connect the other terminal on the switch to the black wire of the cable leaving this junction box towards the first light.

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The foyer lights and interior garage lights are also on this same circuit. Cut extra wire lengths of six inches to create pigtails for completing the circuit for each outlet. This is where I am lost. Black hotRed loadGreen Ground.