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We could always start a toytowngermany gay group: Join a gay swimming team, the square dancing club or participate in one of the many other options.

Berlin is one of the most gay friendly places in Europe.

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Hello my name is ashley I'm 23 I have a 2 yr old daughter who is my whole wide world she smart beautiful and just beyond amaz more. I'm glad you understood it the way I meant it: Love is possible here sure, but trying in a city of so many gays can quickly get you down.

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I'm wondering if anyone can comment on the experience of assimilating in Berlin? Get two young men together and there's not a lot of balance going on. Just looking to find a companion.

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But your "Love is dead" in Berlin mantra is not unique to Berlin or even Germany. I haven't said that anyone here doesn't speak German or doesn't want to Most Berliners I have met fall over themselves to speak with English speakers and Id image many gay men would be the same.

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There is a wealth of gay bars and clubs, with partying amongst gays possible every night of the year. I like Peace Poetry cycling athletics tenderness I'm a twentysomething considering a year in Berlin. Maybe you are coming on a bit strong?

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Plus sleaze is part of what makes Berlin so charming. Again, it's just good dating profile descriptions almost anywhere else, your experiences will be influenced by where you go, what you do and who you choose to hang out with.


I'll be glad to tell them in person. I have no idea how easy it is to find a gay relationship here, as one one gay friend has approached me, but I would imagine its no harder than anywhere else.

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You're right in gay dating sites berlin that I'm not advocating not learning the language. We have older men, younger guys, college students, professionals and more in Berlin NH. I am a nice man who loves - and relationships. I like champagne movie theaters dream challenges IT