Dating argus c3 When was my Argus camera made?

Dating argus c3

Sun, 15 Mar Next, the name "Argoflex" appeared on the trim plate as well as on the trim around the lens. Click here to read comments and assumptions about this guide. Ben Miller's list states that the CC 'Army variant' is 'without meter, black, front focus, f4. Views Read Edit View history.

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No more than five significant digits. Aeone Communications, Doylestown Pennsylvania Garber 's father, Alex Kolikow, taught her how to shoot with his Argus C3.

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The original Argus C of had a rangefinder not coupled to the lens. The American 35mm Miniature Camera. Copyright by Phillip G. Survey results indicate the logo on the top of the front plate of the similar Argoflex 40 changed from "Argoflex" to "Argus" around Empirical data show nnnn is between and For more information about Argus arguses, visit the Argus Collectors group.

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Collecting and Using Classic Cameras. Empirical data suggest range is between roughly and ignoring leading zeros. The endpoint is per published information. Ranges in the following table were adjusted based on comparisons of feature evolution and serial numbers in C-2s and C-3s.

A guide to estimating the date of production of Argus cameras made between 1936 and 1966.

A C3 is the first camera used by Therese in the film Carol. No known documentation of Delco vintage.

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Six-digit dating, stamped inside on the door, just above the hinge. This heritage extends to the lack of double exposure prevention.

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For instance, the number of shutter speeds was lowered from ten to seven to five, an accessory shoe was added, and the exposure reminder dial on the back of the camera was removed. Argus World Argosy II.

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These are probably argus parts john lennon woman single vinyl that dating, being used up on other cameras. This is a fairly late example with accessory shoe, coated lens and probably dates from Finally, in the C3 was introduced, with electrical plugs on the cameras left side for a battery-powered flash, synchronized to the shutter.

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The earlier design has the shutter speed indication below the dial and the stylized "lens and prism" logo below the Argus name. Due to its shape, size, and weight, it is commonly referred to as "The Brick" by photographers in Japan its nickname translates as "The Lunchbox ". Argus Serial Numbers Subject: Earlier models begin with '' made in and perhapslater models begin with ''. Thames and Hudson, London,