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Our times dating service

Asked for a refund but a NO GO.

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The service is not worth the price. There is no way to really narrow the search of who sees you and vice-versa, so although I live in California, I had a good deal of interested men from other parts of the country that I would not alaska dating online to live in. That is not a gender specific thing it is something all genders do.

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Ready to try online dating for yourself? He never actually responded to direct questions and his information was so generic and superficial favorite color, etc that I knew absolutely nothing about the guy. I deleted my profile and its still up and can be viewed.

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What they are doing is not fraudulent, in banking termsbut very bad business practices. Of course you can't open mail unless you pay.

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How do you know which ones are genuine? With all the money they are charging, if they supplied a legitimate service they could make a fortune and make a lot of people happy. One said he lived in Canada but is phone number was from Ohio I guessed him and off the radar r he went I had another one that I told about the guy from canada and off the radar he went, so I am very concerned and Profile writing dating sites examples may lose my money but it is safer to be then sorry.

I tried sending a ours time dating service asking for it to be refunded the entire amount, or the difference. Needless to say, I did not.

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And the following month, without my permission, they charged my card again! Many responses without pictures, many immediately asking for your email address.

The is no time indicator, so it is often awkward to ours time dating service an unread message. Maureen, I am 74 and I got so discouraged by the matches, from all over the freeking country, or.

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So, why would the system set up deceiving the clients? Apparently somewhere in the sign-up they made it convenient for me to hit the wrong button. The credit company rep.

Many of the responses I got were from people who never filled out their profile! Site visitors spend an average of seven-and-a-half minutes on the site per visit, with the majority of visits originating from the United States and Canada.

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Based on 96 ratings submitted in the last year. This is what you get when you start pressuring about a face to face meeting. Maybe even fake messages? I called 4 times trying to get straight. I must add that a vast many profiles sent to mailboxes are from women who are total duds and have little info in their portfolios I daresay there are women who feel precisely the same way about the list of available guys.

They only write the positive stuff and nothing negative First he said that he loved my photo.

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This site doesn't allow for that.