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Dating elgin pocket watch, how much is my vintage pocket watch worth?

Elgin Watch News If you visit this website frequently, you may be interested in some of the things that have changed recently.

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Click here for instructions on how to identify and open most common case types. These details can sometimes be important. Never use a screwdriver to try to open a case. The reverse, however, isn't true, a small serial numbers doesn't mean it is solid gold. For more information on Swiss Elgin watches, including a listing of Swiss Elgin grades and their equivalent Swiss movement calibres, please view our Swiss Elgin page.

I bought a new one, it is installed, and things appear to be working ok now. For me I bid simply on how much I like the look of the timepiece.

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Below 15 jewels is considered a lower-grade watch. Some brands become popular and collectors will pay more for them, while equally beautiful watches of a different brand languish in price. Yet again the good news is that it will come up again. Elgin watches remain extremely popular with collectors today because they are plentiful, can be obtained at reasonable prices, and can be relatively easily repaired due to the large number of watches and parts available.

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These mechanical details, when recognized, can enhance the collectibility and hence the watch of the watch. There is an example with explanations that goes over every part of the search results.

Elgin Watch News

If the watch uses a unique escapement, has a particularly low serial number, or introduced a new technological advancement, that can make the watch more valuable to the collector. While we are primarily concerned with evaluating vintage pocket watches, these same general rules apply to any antique watch, including vintage wristwatches.

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High volume watches will tend to be closer to the date listed, while deep questions to ask a guy your dating, high quality watches dating tend to be the ones that have misleading dates.

Elgin also made a number of watches for a lady primarily to wear as jewelry.

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Serial Number Year 5, I have also done some datings elgin pocket watch on pocket watches generally and especially how to clean, maintain and repair them. A watch is non-working condition is worth substantially less than one that works, because the purchaser must factor the unknown cost of repairs into the purchase price.

Elgin Pocket Watch General Information

The Watch Codes are similar ones are used by many experienced watch collectors. Please send suggestions and corrections to the webmaster.

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Movement serial number NO! As with any antique, condition is an extremely important consideration There is currently NO larger market for vintage collectibles than eBay, and looking at completed auctions to see what vintage watches have actually sold for is the best real-world indicator of what someone might be willing to pay for a particular watch.

In the s, Elgin began using a single-letter prefix to replace the "millions" digits on their serial numbers. Unfortunately, this requires a fair amount of experience and understanding of how watches were made over the years. The only way to determine market trends is to be familiar with the watch market.

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Perhaps you are considering purchasing one? They maintained high standards as well as accuracy was vital to the business world at that time.

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About the best you can say that the watch was probably not produced or sold as "new" before the date listed. Still they certainly left a great legacy behind and many of us love and cherish these wonderful timepieces.

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Elgin watches are entirely different than Illinois "Elgin" cases. In my opinion they still make a great collection even today and worth investing in.

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These were made at a time when watches were not affordable to the general public. Many high-quality watches had gold-plated train wheels, gold jewel-settings, or other uses of precious metal in the movement itself. So, if someone is selling a watch as solid gold, and it has a movement serial number of, say, 3, and it has a case serial number of 1, a red flag should go up in your mind and you should be even more cautious free dating on the phone the claim.