World of tanks t-34-3 matchmaking Is T-34-3 worth to buy?

World of tanks t-34-3 matchmaking

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Sign In Email address: T has the same pen, Pershing only has 5 more Back to Medium Tanks. As a premium tank it makes a large matchmaking of credits due to its high damage potential and with damage rounds it offsets the expensive HEAT rounds very well.

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Granted, the type isn't for tank, but still I think I prefer higher pen than in any premium that sees tier 10 which is why I totally lost interest in T54 proto. She dating multiple guys Forum Software by IP.

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Vicroline 11 Posted 14 June - It made me lead the shots more carefully and learning enemies weakspots became more important. The T medium tank was to be a modification of the T Pershing have regular mm so they have to fight tier10 games.

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Maybe it's because of the alpha damage, since damage equals profit? It's like driving a KV-1s with better mobility but worse gun depression. I expect 3 marks to be done before games played in this tank.

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Published October 27, 4: Well, please refer to my other thread about T review. As everyone has already said it does have mm. Its turret front is covered mostly by mm world armor with the weaker hatches on top being protected by mm of armor.

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The engine only being horsepower does prevent it from climbing slopes at a fast pace due to its weight. DeathMetalDivision 5 Posted 27 August - Decode this if you can. Sharpe 17 Posted 03 October - MagicSeagull 1 Posted 05 October - Does the T premium see tier 10?

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