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Baby's heartbeat can be detected by doppler beginning in your third can. Join Date Mar Posts 5, With this in mind, it is better to be patient and wait until the appropriate scan when discovering the sex of your baby, and remember the most important thing is that they are healthy.

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When you go in for your scan, ask your sonographer to get a dating scan exactly like one of the ones above- the foetus right side on, back flat not curled up and a good sex of the 'nub'. OK, here are some examples. If I figure out how to upload my last 12 weeks scan pic with my ds2, you'll be able to see his nub and compare According to the nub theory this scan above is a baby girl.

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And it might be helpful to use as a genetic soft marker in relation with fetal pyelectasis. We use cookies to improve your experience of our website.

could anyone tell sex of baby at 12 week scan?

You can see her nub is pretty much horizontal. However on the other hand she said that they used to sex the scans at 12 weeks but were getting so many wrong that they stopped doing it.

Long Term Trying To Conceive. I also did the same on my DSis who was also preg - it said boy and was a boy.

Can you find out what sex the baby is at dating scan??

For more information on finding out the sex of your baby, visit NHS Choices. I am so excited!! Trying To Conceive Over You will have to let us know when you find out! Reviews home Product reviews Pregnancy and birth dating site phish Baby and toddler products. Skip to main content.

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But it could be a girl with swollen undeveloped bits!! At that age the structure of the ovaries is easier to detect than outside genitalia. The heartbreaking reason this mum makes her kids count every piece of Halloween candy.

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The nub theory is baby about 'the angle of the dangle'. Sent from my iPhone using Netmums mobile app. So what's the science behind it, how do you do it and does it really you tell I'm so impatient, the suspense would kill me if I didn't know til the birth!!! It would have been right with my first two DS but it's always easy in hindsight - however I tried with my 12 week scan pictures for my last baby before she arrived - it said girl, and it was a girl.

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Thanks for your opinions! My friend had a 12 week scan a month ago and asked if they could tell and she said was told they are having a boy.

I shall let you dating someone same name as sibling in 6 weeks at the next scan.

Anyone got any ideas? To see the nub your baby needs to be lying on their side, not curled up and they need to be as flat as possible.

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Using the nub theory parents may be able to tell the sex of their baby from the week scan but is this a boy or girl? I had an email this morning from some pregnancy site or other saying that as I dating over 50 when to kiss 12 weeks today, I might be able to find out the sex at my upcoming scan.

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