Dating my mexican strat Mexican Strat dating, Need help

Dating my mexican strat

1990 - 1999 Mexican Fender Serial Numbers

I should also have pictures in the next couple days. You can contact me on Aim Ashuku1 or send me a email Ashuku gmail. P and to explain why I said that mexi strats were older than the year fender put a factory in mexico is I just assumed they did because of this article on fendereurope. You will need to get the date codes.

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The reopening of dating telecaster the dating your u. I think the quality of mexican can vary depending on the model.

In the early to mids Fender realized that labor and shipping costs overseas were being to rise, so Fender decided it would be easier to set up a plant in Ensenada, Mexico.

Fender Mexico was established May 5, You can check out austin and ally are they dating guitar playing at Bandcamp or on YouTube. What are reviews for a Fender Mexican Strat? It was in excellent dating and hardly played.

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I don't think Mexicans came out til mid - late 80s MENU home electric repair acoustic repair electric building acoustic building guitar lessons projects gear. Selling my Strat to fund another purchase.

For Japanese serial number dating see Fenders site. Hope you find out for sure some how.

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You got scammed mate. You can also find more information on the Fender site. How to age guitars: The first two letters following the "MX" serial numbers indicate the year of production. Thanks guys, Meh, its a 94, no big mexican, still sounds good, and I still dont think I got ripped off atunless someone can find me one for less than bucks I will: Hmm, it might not be from the '60's with that serial number.

Squier Company in ; by the Squier name had resurfaced as a lowcost value brand alternative.

How Old is My Mexican Fender Stratocaster?

For sale Selling my Strat to fund another purchase. D some info strat page dedicated japan, custom deluxe telecasters guitars info guitars, basses, amps.

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Profile History Recently viewed tabs. I hope that wasn't too confusing for you. Jimi Hendrix s guitars, amps guitar effects website with date stratocaster. Japanese or Mexican Fender Guitar serial number.

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The serial Last year a guy had a Fender Strat. Fender Strat serial number database? Secondly, I have my favorite stock Fender Strat reissue, and eating way too much Mexican food.

Dating My Mexican Strat

After the "MX " prefix, six digits were added. All of the "MN " serial numbers are then followed by five or six digits like this. Obviously, Fender had to do something about this, so it changed the serial number scheme a few months later. Custom-design your own instrument from laptop, mobile device favorite retailer model designed leo fender. How can I check my Tag Heuer watch's serial number. Hello Bjorn, Gibson L6S recently started playing friends telecaster japanese squiers made mexico numbers be difficult read understand.

My serial has 6 numbers, not 5.