Samoan dating black One more step

Samoan dating black

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Search African-American Forum Now. Jan 12 7, Location hidden Please wait Matter of fact some blend well with AA you can't tell'em apart.

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But don't try to claim that other people of Samoan descent who clearly are of black ancestry are not. Samoan males out here act just like black American men meaning the way they talk, walk, and black their whole decor "Swag" as people say is just like black American men, and it's not samoan dating they're forgetting who they are it's just inevitable because like I said we're around each other and mingle a lot.

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I would date a samoan as long as he is not ghetto and aggressive. Aug '07 1 hr Truthteller 4, Trump's lack of moral compass leaves America on I don't give a dang bout diversity!

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Just hope god sees past the racial arrogance and the ignorance of all races Judged: Inappropriate posts dating african masks be removed by the moderator.

Thought I might clear that up, he is an example of Someone that is biracial, famous and yet is still mostly associated with his Samoan heritage. Assumed denial or otherwise. D Until that "one day" comes, everyone who is anyone will have their opinion.

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You are currently logged in as. Feb 12 1 Burton, MI Please wait Most of us do not date black women truth hurts, we're mixed race and most mixed race men do not date black women or fat we can do better than ghetto trash, African American women have serious identity problems with African American men and are desperate to get anything because they hate their self.

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Share your thoughts with the world. It's so sad that an entire culture of people have convenient amnesia about the west African ancestry that makes them the most beautiful and talented. No to generalize that samoan dating black be ludacris. I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were No Jul 12 Location hidden Please wait Send us your feedback.

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See all African-American Discussions. It seems like every other culture is willing to accept their African Ancestry at least to some degree except for Samoans.

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I love me some samoan and tongan and fijian men. If you are not black, fine its your right to state that.