Chanyeol nana dating rumor [Rumors] Chanyeol dating with Nana !!!!

Chanyeol nana dating rumor

Their friends, their close so it's possible to be comfortable, we can't be forever guarding our "oppars" from other girls, what's absurd is their friends of course their living in the SAME ROOF resting her elbow on chanyeol's doesn't mean that she's such aor. Page 1 of 7 ipb.

Please watch roommate and support our chanyeollie! Dara can date donghae or anybody near her age D. Chanyeol gave his napkin to Nana Because Nana's cried.

Chanyeol and Nana are same style in Roommate. I understand it's a show but who wants to be "married" to someone with a girlfriend. Sign In Need an account?

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I will surely know that if chanyeol knows that you're bashing his 'friend' he'd be very disappointed with his fans. This means that you cannot reply to this topic.

Wait, so what about Yura? Long and might be boring post ahead First of all The band debuted 3 June under Starship Entertainment popular fanfiction stories tagstags required.

Nana had invited Chanyeol to eat sausage at shop.

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Fans like you give me dating rumor about fandoms because a lot of the fans that you spoke of in your entry are the reason why I am ashamed to call myself part of the "fandom" because I can't associate with over-reacting, overbearing, delusional, fetuses.

Lastly her being clingy?

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Chanyeol wearing the same clothes with Nana. Other incident I don't feel anything or I don't remember anything about it.

Hi, I watch every episode of roomate but I don't see any reason to bash or hate nana. Exo chanyeol dating nana chanyeol dating alone. Most EXO fans are saying that Nana is a to chanyeol since she doesn't have interest in him, then tell me now what if she said she likes him?

Chanyeol are talking secretly with Nana at all. Both of them have straightforward personalities.

Chanyeol and nana dating:

They didn't really interact cause I believe nana tried to not cause any commotion amongst the fan. I agree escanaba dating every point you made.

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Proof secretly Baekhyun About truly important marriage nana rumor relationship sex with anyone want by sehun 1 day ago 0 0. I mean I know it touches online dating how to tell if a girl is interested subject planet dating site datings rumor and personal and private life, but it takes away the essence of the whole show you're contracted under, and for me, as an audience, if I knew this was going on in real life, it'll make me feel uncomfortable with watching.

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Do you have something against EXO, Chanyeol or what?!!! Chanyeol already has Nana.

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But she is too oldshe for Chanyeol what about chanyeol?? Honestly, I ship chanyeol and nana. Chanyeol and nana dating.