Online dating he is still looking Is the Person You’re Seeing Still Actively Online Dating?

Online dating he is still looking

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Cat — I feel like your situation is more straight-forward. That he is afraid. My thoughts are that YES a girl makes this decision more quickly — instinctively not wishing to harm the budding relationship. I received an email from him after 5 weeks NC in which he only said he missed the sex we had.

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That link is safe for neither work nor eyes. Anne, I am not that familiar with dating sites, how can you tell he has logged on? We had a look and he has changed his profile to looking for women for friends. He however did not, at first it did not really bother me. We dated for two months before we became dating intp dating entj is still looking and I just most interesting dating sites that we were exclusive.

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I constantly was being watched in every manner. On our 5th date, he asked if we could become exclusive.

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There are some great guys using dating services but sometimes it takes having a good deal of patience to find them.

Linda Hi Eric, great article, and I found it because I am in a similar situation and really need your advice on how to go about it. Or, in other words, when to stop going out with anyone else.

Likewise, this guy may not even be thinking about his profile and might be totally confused if you disappeared.


I have dated my share of immature guys and he sound like one in my book. I too began to go back on-line….

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Where does he see this relationship going, exactly? I am in the same boat and I wil be having a discussion with my so called guy about this asap. I met the man I have been dating since early October on match. We were at a restuarant and he asked me to be exclusive. Should I be concerned??

5 Reasons Why His Online Dating Profile Is Still Active

He went bananas and said he was crazy about me. But Cindi did the same thing and gained a whole lot of knowledge and perception.

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I feel sooo played but i dont wanna jump to conclusions and he hasnt contacted me in 2 days and im feeling like he wants to find someone who is way more experienced than i am.

I can easily deactive or suspend it. We hit it off and are still seeing each other.

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Saying I love you to someone is easy. He visited me one weekend stayed in a hotelI visited him the following weekend stayed with himtwo weekends pass and he came to visit me again this past weekend.

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Has his ego been hurt that I was online when he had removed the earlier account? So while you may have assumed that you were in or at the very least moving towards an exclusive relationship, your partner probably feels otherwise.