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Dating kuala lumpur expat

Member since 08 November Well we still face some resistance from more traditional elements of both Chinese and European culture, but this is relatively rare.

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It seems that the email address you entered is unreachable. We are Malaysian but dating kuala lumpur expat traveled.

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Find more topics on the Kuala Lumpur forum. Thursday, 16th November Address: Having a hard time picking a name?

They are rather active on Reddit especially in the morning. Along with Malaysia being more conservative and issues around safety, there are more trust issues when making friends with girls, especially meeting a complete stranger.

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On the more serious side, like children's education, the international schools in KL and Penang are excellent. I guess we have to post it very carefully or we may attract the wrong kind of attention!!! The enrichment of being with a person from another culture is immeasurable, and for me, with my partner being Chinese, I have learned an enormous amount about being more tolerant, more patient, more discreet, to listen more, and have learned to appreciate the Chinese work ethic as a model for just about all other races.

Specifically, I'm interested to know how the dating culture is like for other English speaking expats that work and live KL.

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This is the main reason why it can be easier to date here. I can't find a dating kuala lumpur expat function other than google on this forum.

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Expat dating scene is great if you are single and male but not too hot if you are female and unattractive. Local girls love white men for some reason. I think the Indian guys, especially, will be all over you. There are also factors like cultural and religious differences which can be other barriers to a relationship.

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Especially if you're white. Malaysia Cultural Group malaysianculturegroup. Meeting other people here is very easy, whether expats or Malaysians. Egyptian dating online border patrols, osl dating ppt all need the wall! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on?

Unrelated topics may be posted in the daily random discussion threads. Are you from Malaysia? I have been living here for nearly eleven years, the last six on local terms, so I have had ample time to build a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Would you know where I could find the thread about this Wed Night Drinks? Much easier than Vancouver.

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UK Expat looking to make friends! I would like to start that tradition here in KL, so if I actually managed to get enough people together that are up for it, I'll let you know and you can join us.

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There are lots of guys out here who i know who still prefer western ladies. Yes, I can vouch for them being "dai lam yan" having dated one for a short while.

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Just by sheer luck, I am finding that there are lots of single girls around here. Ya if you dont mind exploring alone We already have a few female expats joining.