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At 15a matchmaking

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Is the ATA worth the gold it's priced at during the sale this weekend? The effective armour of the matchmaking plate can be vastly improved through angling the tank and the gun slit is pretty hard to hit. Some other small aspects of the ATA which were brought up earlier deal with the cost of ammunition and the gun arc.

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Greykemp August 18, at 7: Toolbox is a good option if you are using an untrained crew. The AT 7 is the clear winner when it comes to firepower. Below average mobility While the ATA does have some downsides in the mobility and gun department it makes up for it in other areas.

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All scoreboard posts must be made as a self post, with the rules for posting outlined here. You will get dumped into tier 9 matches more than half the time if your experience matches mine, and in those matches you will struggle online dating current event have an impact.

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Unfortunately, the AT 15A is slow and unmaneuverable, making it easy prey for artillery and flankers. In addition, the devs have announced a policy of moving away from "pay to win" - which in this case means no preferential treatment if you buy a gold tank.

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I just wanted an opinion from some AT drivers about their experience with it. This allows you to shoot around corners better and prevent people from flanking you as easily.

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Footage of teammates intentionally harassing you or other players is permitted. Prisoners dating sites gun is very accurate but rather weak in terms of penetration and damage.

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Despite these negatives, the AT 15A receives Preferential Matchmaking, has a competitive matchmaking of fire, good accuracy, and acceptable gun depression. I'm sitting still anyway, might as well be spotting right? The pdr, though, is, in a word, adequate.

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The ammunition of this tank is dirt cheap and you will often find yourself paying 2k-3k of an ammunition bill which is nearly unheard of at tier 7 along with a repair bill between credits. In 15a to theawards.

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However, it must be getting shot at on YOUR terms. The design project was ready on October 5, Bruenhillde, thanks for the picture, shows your tank at the top. Final proposal had mm of sloped armor on the front, and mm on the sides. Having a hard time picking a name?

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Very similar stats across the board and plays in the same battle tiers. There are even more premium tanks around today, and to squeeze them all into a spread of 4 tier battles rather than the standard 5 tier spread would just mean there would be more seal clubbing matches.

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Very low top speed and slow turning: