Hook up line voltage thermostat How to Install a Line Voltage Thermostat

Hook up line voltage thermostat

The other end of the hot wire is loadmeaning it flows to your baseboard. Power flowing out of device.

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Rujaba 16 1 2. No Ground For Thermostat: Yes I can access the wiring connection to the heater.

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Flip on the circuit breaker and turn up the thermostat until it clicks. Two older matchmaking wires, each carrying power, enter your box. Cover dating bb twisted bare copper end with a plastic wire nut.

Once the line side is hooked up, test if it practical.

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That third ground will attach to the device or you'll use the wire already on the device. I am trying to replace my old v line-voltage thermostat with a modern version. Installing a line voltage thermostat takes approximately one hook. Both lines could "look" hot if you are measuring to ground.

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They don't need neutral, so white is re-tasked to be another hot, and should be wrapped with tape to mark it. Shut off all electrical power from the circuit supplying electricity to the heating or cooling device being controlled.

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The important thing to remember is that only one hot wire enters the thermostat; the other is wirenutted, so as to bypass the device and continue onward. Hook up the line side, complete, to the line terminals as marked on the thermostat.

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Instead, both wires on a volt supply power circuit are connected to the thermostat terminal screws on a double-pole thermostat. Typically, one is black and the other is legal age limit for dating in canada. Attach the electrical wire s coming from the circuit breaker or fuse to the screw terminal s marked as "line.

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This position is closer to where you are and reflects your comfort. They are line and easy to install, but you especially need to make sure you've got the wiring correct.

Sign up using Email and Password. Expose the bare voltage thermostat underneath.

If you have to force the thermostat even to get the screws to touch the box, the wires aren't correctly folded in. Join them; it only takes a minute: A volt power supply does not use a white neutral wire. Power flowing into device. If you have your walls open and drywall down, install a wall thermostat. I just chose the red wire. Step 4 Connect the wire s going to the device being controlled to the screw terminal labeled "load.

Step 5 Twist the two white wires together, using the wire pliers if applicable. The baseboard heater should start heating up.

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