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Yes, I have read Jonathan's excellent dating at PassionforPipes. I speculate that this was to avoid confusion with the older four digit system for European market pipes that had existed since circa I don't know what clematis is. This pipe has been very lightly smoked, and well cared for I will leave cleaning and sanitizing to the new owner.

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Smoking Pipe Rare M. If you read the opening that I wrote for the Pipedia Barling page then you know just what I think about Jon's article. Any Barling experts care to weigh in on this one.

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Also, so I understand, when you say " or later" are you referring to the pipe? I would take the descriptions, and comment, on this site, at least regarding Barling pipes, with a grain of salt.

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In discussing this with Jon Guss, we came to the conclusion that Barling took a practical step at a time when supplies of fresh Briar were unavailable. Unfortunatly an unmarked pipe is an unmarked pipe, regardless of what it was found with.

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Another Japanese site has a really nice Quaint, a similar square panel to the recently sold pipe Here's some info on dating Barling pipes I could be mistaken. So this leads me to have some doubts and questions. SHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh If you say that too loud Dan Tobacco will make Popeye Elenas models dating, a blend of premium Virginias, and Black Cavendish with a subtle essence of that most famous of treats.

That's one of my favorite parts because it makes a lie out of the whole fable that Barling pipes suddenly went downhill after the sale. In the Post Transition period there seems to be a lot of experimentation with stamping placement.

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You could get a quality smoke and a dating value for the money. This pipe has been cleaned and sanitized to the best of my ability. My first Barling was a Post Family pipe and it's easily one of the best pipes I've ever owned, fully the equal of the best of the many Family Era Barlngs that I've acquired.

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Transition and pipe transition Barling pipes have gotten an unfairly bad rap. Another interesting pipe with what seems a cut and paste of information to establish the "dating".

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Size Compare with a "modern" Guinea Grain. Started 4 years ago by elvisc Latest reply from globi.

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